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Bold Brands Win. Period.

Boldness excites us. It drives us. When people do bold things, they get attention and others are attracted to hear what they see and see what they do. At Madison+Main, we believe that bold brands win, and grow, when they become magnets for people…because people are customers.

It’s a simple strategy, but it works.

We make brands bolder, and better. Then they do better. And then we do better.

Yes. Our goal is to grow our company by growing your company first.

Wow, isn’t that a bold new way of doing business?

You should call us.

Or email us here:

101 E. Cary Street – Richmond, VA 23219

Madison+Main Weekly Report for April 18th, 2014 Sit Back and Relax: The Boss is on Vacation Believe it or not, Constant Contact was down all day on Friday, so the Weekly Report is three days late.   Happy Monday! Molly Quarles, VP of Operations here, writing Dave’s Weekly Report since he was out galavanting on a beach somewhere.   #RealLife #NotPhotoshopped I figured it’s only fair to let @madmain have a vacation every now and then, and I promise, we didn’t burn the place down while he was away. Many of you I have met personally,…



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